Thursday, November 29, 2012

Welcome to wonderland

Alice in Wonderland Christmas Series: Part 7

       The first time we went to the movies and saw Alice in Wonderland we fell in love with it. All the whimsical design in the movie: all those colors and textures in the nature inspired sets, the characters and the beauty of the story itself. That inspired us to create our own Wonderland theme this Christmas, trying to recreate all the  magic of the movie throughout the house.

 Each of us has a favorite character. My oldest daughter likes Alice, the youngest one likes the Red Queen, and I love the Mad Hatter. You can see each of the character's personalities in different areas of the house.

Here's our whimsical Christmas tree. It's just like a trip to wonderland:

 the Mad Hatter hat is the tree topper:

The blue hearts and feathers are in honor of Alice.

 The red, black and white hearts are in honor of the Red Queen.

We cannot forget my favorite: The Mad Hatter:

And last but not least a trumpet in honor of the White Rabbit:

Our foyer is all about the famous garden scene bringing all the nature scenes that were shown in the movie:

A vintage iron cage and bed of moss decorated with branches and flowers were made for the foyer table:

All the characters are present to welcome our guest to wonderland!

This is the final chapter of the series. It was great seeing how every craft made fell into place at the end. Still there are presents to wrap and more preparation to come for the holiday season. But it is marvelous to come home and unwind after a hard day of work in our own wonderland.

If you dream it you can make it!  

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  1. This inspired my very own Alice in Wonderland Christmas tree! Thanks so much for the inspiration!