Thursday, November 22, 2012

Alice in Wonderland DIY Christmas Ornaments

Alice in Wonderland Christmas Series: Part 1 of 7

For our Alice in Wonderland inspired Christmas tree we have created a few different ornaments following the same theme and referring to some memorable moments of the story.

We created these hand painted hearts in the color of some of the characters: red, white and black  We used paper mache hearts and colored them with craft paint, then finished them with ribbon bows.

In honor of the Queen of Hearts:

This one is inspired by Alice:

Of course. one for the Mad Hatter:

We found this pretty bottles and made some tags with the quote "drink me" referring to the scene in the movie where Alice drinks from the potion bottles and grows uncontrollably.

Another version:

One of my favorite ornaments are the ones created with this wooden frames that we spray painted gold and used to frame the stamped images of the characters on the story.

These clocks are another piece of decoration for the Christmas tree, referring to character of the White Rabbit always so impatient and asking for the time. They were created with round pieces of wood, painted gold and then stamped with black numbers.

I can't wait to put up the Christmas tree!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next post of the series!

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  1. Wonderful creations.... amazingly creative!!!!