Friday, June 28, 2013

DIY Hello Kitty planner

I want to share a few pictures of a planner that I recently made for my daughter.  She has always been a big hello kitty fan and asked me to make her a small planner to fit in her purse. 

I used my Bind it all and scrapbook paper from the Hello Kitty collection stack to create the planner from scratch. I also found this awesome Washi tape to decorate the pages.

  The calendars were made on my computer and were simply decorated with some stickers and Washi tape.

A variety of journaling cards were used, just using a Hello Kitty sticker made them follow the theme.

This is an adorable set of Hello Kitty post its.

With left over images from the packaging I made page dividers just attaching a pretty paper clip.

I also attached a pen loop made with an elastic band to hold the most adorable Hello kitty pen.

As a bonus I purchased an assortment of Hello Kitty Stationery items most of them in the dollar section of Target and Michael's stores.

I even had leftover paper to make her covers for her phone.

At the end my client (my daughter) was very satisfied with the finished product.

Thanks for reading and your kind comments.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Filofax supplies storage box

I was looking for a new way to store all my Filofax supplies and I found this box on clearance at TJ Maxx. 
It  reminded me of the old times when people used pretty stationery to write letters.

 I fell in love with the clear drop handle that you use to open the box.

The box was actually a jewelry box, but it was perfect for what I had in mind. 

It has two sections: the top part with dividers and a big drawer at the bottom.

It had some damage that I fixed using acrylic paint in ivory color, scrapbook paper and stamps.
This is the finished product.

All my goodies now have a home.

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

New planner/Journal/Filofax

I got bitten by the Filofax craziness going on right now and decided to use this method for my planner this year.

  Filofaxes are amazing but on the expensive side so I purchased a similar version called Day Planner, that of course I personalized to my taste. I decided on this type of planner for the versatility of being able to change your pages and to add fun accessories.

The planner brings your basic filler pages like calendar, reference, contacts and blank pages. I decided to add my own tabbed sections with my personal interests.

Using scrapbook paper I created this feminine but still fun theme throughout the planner. I also used inspirational quotes printed on vellum paper.

I tried to color coordinate all my other accessories using paper and Washi tape as decor.

Available online are a great variety of printables that you can use as add-on for your planner. Another solution is to create your own templates using your computer, like this bill planner.

On the back of my planner I created a post it storage solution using acetate. As you can see Post-its are my newest obsession.

I used color lined paper to beautify my planner. I also added a variety of fun items like pockets, paper pads and pictures.

I'm planning on using a color coding system to keep me organized. Pens in different colors and stickers will help me achieve this.

 It is all about making something that you would love and use through the whole year. Something to keep you inspired or that will make you daydream.

A more detailed video is available in my YouTube channel.

Thanks for reading and your comments.