Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Alice in Wonderland Christmas Crafting Series

Every year my family tries to follow a different Christmas theme. We usually vote on what theme would be used. This year we decided on an Alice in Wonderland theme.  We loved the movie, and always wanted to translate the idea into a Christmas theme.

A few months back at a scrapbook convention, I bought a set of vintage Alice stamps. They are going to be the inspiration for all the projects that I have in mind.

As soon as I started to color them they took a new life.

This post is going to be followed by a series that shows all the projects done for this theme's creation. Keep reading and following to see the rest of the Christmas decorations we've done!

Upcoming Alice in Wonderland Christmas posts:

Part 1: Alice in Wonderland DIY Christmas ornaments
Part 2: Alice in Wonderland inspired gift bags and tags
Part 3: Alice in Wonderland DIY Christmas garland
Part 4: The Mad Hatter tree topper tutorial
Part 5: Alice in Wonderland inspired centerpiece
Part 6: Alice in Wonderland's Red Queen inspired tablescape
Part 7: Welcome to Wonderland

Thanks for reading and tune in for the upcoming posts!


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