Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Alice in Wonderland's Red Queen Inspired Tablescape

Alice in Wonderland Christmas Series: Part 6 of 7

The Red Queen is the perfect inspiration for the dining room decorations of my home. The colors of her dress: Black, red, white and gold are all used to create a beautiful tablescape.

We started the process by creating a set of two identical Topiaries. We used very inexpensive items: terracotta pots, moss, Styrofoam and crepe paper.

The terracotta pots were painted in black and adorned with red hearts and gold glitter. 

We also used red roses made out of crepe paper and glittered them with a darker hue. Black and white checkered bows finish the look.

Here they are in the table:

We used gold chargers, red and  floral plates, red hearts champagne flutes, and a white and gold tea cup set to complete the table settings. As a little detail we added hearts to the tea bags to honor the Queen of Hearts.

In the center, we placed this tea serving set in colors white and gold. Adorned with a gold crown and wand. Two roses complete the look. Now we are ready to serve the tea!

It is always tea time in wonderland!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the final post of the series!

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