Saturday, November 8, 2014

New Filofax Saffiano Set up

The last months of the year are the most exciting for us planner enthusiasts when all the new calendars and planers start hitting the stores. I wanted to start using a new planer in January kind of "New Year New You mantra" but I could not wait and bought myself a new Filofax.

This time I picked a Filofax Saffiano in Poppy red. As you can see in the picture it matches my Kate Spade iPad cover perfectly (gasp!)

 I love the A5 size but it was getting a little too heavy to carry around so I downgraded from an A5 to a personal size for portability for the first time.

 As soon as my planner got home I started the homework of creating a new kit of dividers, embellishments, post-its and other goodies.

 Target Dollar Spot is my favorite place to get all of my supplies.

But my major inspiration was the paper collection Modern Romance from Webster Pages and the Heidi Swapp Project Life kit that I used for embellisments.

I made my own dividers with the help of my daughter (Thank you Mija!) because the ones that come with the planner are a little too formal for me.

 Here are some of my dividers and inserts:

 These ones are a printables I made in my computer.

In this one I used a greeting card cut to size with a quote I love.

I used Project life cards as decorations:

This is my dashboard that has an amazing gold title from Heidi Swap.

I plan to use my new planner starting December 1st because of the red color that remind me of the holiday season. I'm gonna call it my early Christmas present.
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  1. That pretty. Here in Spain we started to take scrap material , but not so in America . The material available is still very expensive , so we have to do with resources propios.Vosotros we are pioneers in the scrap .