Thursday, April 25, 2013

Small Stamps storage

After I created the storage for my bigger stamp collections, I wanted a similar solution for the smaller stamps that you usually get for 99 cents.

I found this mini filing cabinet for $3.00 at Big lots stores and thought it was the perfect solution.  It has a gray color, which I painted black and distressed it to match my other stamp storage crates.

I changed the color by making a patina. I used different inks from the metallic ink collection from Martha Stewart.

You can see the difference from the original. I love it more this way because it now matches my bigger stamps storage crates.

For the inside I followed the same technique I used for my bigger stamp storage. But this time I used baseball card holder sheets (99 cents a pack in Dollar tree stores).

I cut the sheets carefully with my scissors, getting 9 pieces per sheet. Then I inserted a piece of cardstock to be able to use either side.

I used black cardstock to make dividers for different categories.

It gives me more storage and facility to see all of my little stamps.

 The cabinet will be easily stackable if you  own a great amount of stamps. I was really pleased after I set up my stamp section with all the space that I have to store  my future stamps.

Thanks for reading and your comments!


  1. Love this idea...hate having mine in a binder!

    1. I have been using it for a while now and it works is neat and organized...thanks for your comment