Monday, April 22, 2013

My Craft Room Updated

This weekend I started sketching ideas and decided to upgrade my crafting area. Something that makes me happy is crafting and to me spending time in my craft room is more a necessity.

We began the new craft room redo by taking everything out, repainting and reorganizing all my furniture to be more productive. We created an island with two Ikea expedite bookshelves that I already owned, plus part of an old bedroom set for the top. This is the perfect working area for all projects.

  It also holds some decorative items and my mounted wood stamps.

 An old dresser serves the purpose of storage for all my daughter's painting supplies. We added a little shelving unit from Goodwill to display all of her prized possessions.

The inside drawers holds all of her painting supplies.

My mini store remained with the same setup. The only new thing is the stamp storage cubes and the mini filing cabinet.

On top of my Mini store are two painted art canvas. They are a gift from my daughter, and are my pride and joy.

The most changes have been made on my desk with items that have been bought on clearance or at thrift stores and reconditioned.

My paint station mini cabinet holds all my watercolor trays, gelatos, glimmer mists, stamps blocks and other items. It cost me $7.99 in Goodwill stores.

My distress inks tower that I made out of a cassette holder from Goodwill. Costing only $2.68

The most recent addition to my craft room is my new sewing area.

And finally my pegboard had a mini makeover by adding a wood frame around it.

For more information on how I purchased or created some of this storage items please visit my YouTube channel for videos or read past blog posts:

Thank you for reading and your kind comments!

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  1. Beautiful craft room and love how well organized it all is!!