Saturday, April 20, 2013

DIY sewing station

This weekend I tackled a neglected area of my craft room: my sewing supplies.With my scrapbook collection growing, I had to push my sewing supplies into a little corner. But with the limited space I had, I could not find a table or any other solution to fit my needs. So I decided to make my own.

Measurements in hand, there I go to another Home depot trip. I used inexpensive wood (total cost was about $16.00), black paint and screws to get my sewing table done.

 Putting the table together was a little difficult. I had to enroll the help of an assistant (my daughter) to hold the pieces together while I drilled them in place.

 After that went a coat of black paint, just to make it match my craft room furniture.

 I left the top of my table in a natural wood color. It had this rustic feel that I liked. I just used a coat of clear sealer to protect it.

On the top, my sewing accessories finally found a home.

 This wire tower holds my most used sewing tools. I bought it at Ross stores for $4.99. It is meant for the kitchen to hold eggs!

 Glass jars that I had from Ikea hold lace, ribbons and threads.

 I placed my thread organizer above the table. I found it in the Salvation army store a couple weeks ago. It only cost me $1.99 to organize all my threads.

At the bottom of my table I embellished two plastic rolling carts to hold my fabric and the rest of my supplies. I just used scrapbook paper and labels to make them look more glamorous.

Thank you for reading and your kind comments!

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