Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Getting ready for the Scrapbook Expo

This weekend the Scrapbook Expo is rolling into town. This would be my second year attending the expo and I am so excited! Today I'm sharing my tips for those of you that have not attended a scrapbook convention and are planning to go.

1. Research. An expo may be coming next to your area and you may not know about it. Sign up for their newsletter to get up to date information.

2. On the day of the expo bring the obvious: comfortable shoes and clothing. It will be a long day and you wanna be comfortable. There is lots of standing and walking. Also, bring a sweater because it can get chilly inside.
3. Pack snacks and water. Some of the expos have concession stands but they can be pricey. Plus saving money and time is a must.


4. Bring a big shopping bag. Mine is from last year's expo. Some of the vendors gave one for free with your purchase. I only pack my wallet, my water and snack, and then I go to my car a couple times to unload my goodies LOL!

5. Something I learned last year: bring a plastic 12 x 12 container (you can get those at Joann's or Michael's) to hold the papers so they don't get crumbled in your shopping bag.

6. Bring cash and little currency. It is easier than waiting for receipts of credit card charges.

7. Make a budget, plan ahead what are you looking to buy, and stick to it! Don't go overboard (This step is my weakness!) The expo website shows a list of vendors. Once again research ahead to see which ones you are more interested in. This would save you time and unnecessary walking. Keep your energy! Also bring a notepad to write down your ideas.

8. Be there early. Some vendors have early birds specials before certain times.

9. Get information on parking. My expo is held in a fancy hotel, and parking is pricey. But if you have lunch in one of their restaurants you can get your parking validated. So buy a salad or appetizer. The break is nice from all the noise inside the expo, and parking becomes free.

10. This year I am trying something new: volunteering. You get paid for your hours and get free admission to the show. It's my way of saving this year for my shopping.

And most importantly, enjoy it. Have a good time, go with a friend or have some me time and enjoy something you like. I will post pictures in my next post, hopefully I would have lost of goodies to share!

Thanks for reading!

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