Friday, February 22, 2013

Make Your Own Smashing Stamps

I have been working on a homemade smash book for my daughter these past few days. I thought of creating my own set of stamps to go along with it, because let's face it, stamps are expensive. I wanted to get a modern, and let's say "not perfect" stamping look for her smash book. But those rare pattern types can get a little $$pricey$$.

Using really inexpensive products: two foam sheets (89 cents per sheet at Michael's), small detailing scissors and any type of strong adhesive, you create your own stamp designs. You just have to be a little creative with patterns.

I used two different foam colors. First I traced my designs on the white foam sheet. Then I cut them out with the small detail scissors, and glued them to the black foam.

My intention was to mount the design and black foam onto wood squares, but I found out they work just as fine by themselves.

I used geometric patterns: arrows, triangles, squares, but any shape will be easy to make.
For the polka dot stamp, I used a paper punch to create the little circles. It's my personal favorite.

This is my testing sheet. Later on I will follow up with future projects using them.

For my daughter's smash book project I intend to use bright, colorful inks.
This time I used just red and black to test the stamps out.

In very little time I had quite the assortment of stamps.

I found this project to be really easy to make, inexpensive and fun. For more information you can watch the tutorial on this project on my YouTube channel.

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