Sunday, February 17, 2013

DIY art for your craft room

I am still in the process of decorating my craft room: I think of it as a never ending project. And this weekend I got inspired to do a pair of painted canvas for the wall above my desk. For materials I used: a pair of 8 x 10 canvas, acrylic paints in different colors, mod podge, gesso, stamps, inks, color markers, and Faber Castell gelatos.

For the first step I prepped my canvas with gesso to have a good base for my project, then used the acrylic paints to create a background. 

  I stamped my images on paper torn from an old book, then cut and colored them with color markers. Nothing fancy, I actually liked the edges to be a little off.

After all the images were colored, I attached them to the canvas using mod podge.

I drew the stems free form with a black marker.

To add interest I used a polka dot stamp on the corners and bottom of the canvas.

I used black gelatos to distress the edges a little bit and add a shadow.

These are my finished canvas ready to hang in my craft room.

 They are going to be my inspiration while doing my crafting.

Thanks for reading and your comments.

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