Sunday, September 23, 2012

Art Store visit

This week for the first time I accompanied my daughter to her art supply store. I was amazed at how many ideas and inspirations came to mind just from looking at their fabulous displays.

I'm more of a crafter/scrapbooker/sewing person, she is more into painting and computer design. But this trip made me realize all artists have something in common: We like beautiful and inspirational displays. Here are some of my favorites:

love all the boxes in this display.

The most fabulous collection of paper:

These are mannequins with dresses made out of paper. So original!

I was awed with their collection of  markers.

And other supplies.

I was very pleased to find the most incredible Tim Holtz scrapbooking supplies collection, which happens to be one of my favorites.

Even the outside of the store caught my eye, with this marvelous art display:

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