Friday, October 4, 2013

DIY Candy corn trick or treat boxes

For my second Halloween project of this season I wanted to create something special for the children when they come to trick o treat at my door. This are little boxes that are inspired by a favorite candy: Candy Corn.

I first drew my design and then proceeded to cut the pieces into three different sections to simulate the Candy Corn colors.

I preceded then to cut all my pieces in colored cardstock. I also used a Halloween stamp to create a small tag.

I glued all my pieces together.

I outlined my Candy Corn design with a black marker.

 I made a hole with a paper punch to be able to attach my pieces on the top.

For the little box that holds the Candy Corn you would need two pieces of cardstock: one is 4x6 (score at 2" and 4") and the other 2x8 (score at 2" and 6")

Glue your pieces together.

I used an extra piece of scrapbook paper for decoration and stability on my boxes.

Get all your pieces together and voila: Candy Corn treat boxes. They are filled with Halloween candy.

They make a fabulous addition to my Halloween dining table decor and hopefully the children will like them too.

Thank you for reading and your comments!

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