Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Welcome to my craft room

I finally have some pictures to show of my craft space. I have been a srapbooker for more than 10 years and a crafter for as long as I can remember. During these years I have collected quite an amount of supplies that did not have a home until now.

For many years I used my dining table when working on a project and then had to store my stash away in boxes, which made it quite uncomfortable to sort through. Now it is quite lovely to be able to look at my supplies and actually feel so inspired by it all.

In Ikea I bought a kitchen hutch that I placed on top of two regular shelving units, together they made my favorite place where I store and display most of my supplies. I call it my mini store.

Wire shelves on top are used for storage and decoration.

As you can see by my hutch, I love glitter!

My Paper punches:

For My smaller paper pads I bought two small crates that were kind of ugly. I spray paint them gold and used black ribbon to make them interesting.

My paints:

I used mod podge and paper to embellish this drawer desk to hold smaller items.

On my desk I have my cutting board, my work desk lamp, my laptop and a rotating tool caddy.
I love this rotating caddy because It holds all of my most used tools and coloring markers.

Also on my desk I have a three drawer desktop organizer that I use to store stamps and ink pads.

For my sticker collection, I used this jewelry holder, with hanging clips that rotates to display stickers.

For my bigger stickers, embellishments and supplies, I used a pegboard for display. I really love this set up because it is easily customizable for all items.

This paper rack is my pride and joy. I found it in Goodwill, for only $5.99. I could not believe my luck, I have seen it online for hundreds of dollars. People did not understood why I was so happy when I carried it out the store. (Only a scrapbooker could understand why!)

On my other wall I have a set of Ikea's shelving.  I love it because is ample enough to hold my bigger 12x12 scrapbook albums. On top of it I have my Cricut and my cartridges.

I use a standing paper organizer for my cardstock.

This is a kitchen organizer, but it works great to store my wood stamps.

These shelves I used to display some of my finished projects:

And some decorative items:

My craft room is still a work in progress. While I work, I will continue to show pictures of my progress in future posts.

Thanks for reading and your comments!

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