Thursday, September 6, 2012

Trip to my favorite store: Ikea

I can't get enough of Ikea. Every trip brings a new idea to incorporate in my home and especially into my craft room. Yes, I'm still in the renovation process of my craft room, and its taking me quite longer than expected. While in the store some great ideas came to mind.

This can be a great storage solution for all your sewing needs:

Remember to keep your mind open for different styles and color options.

I fell in love with this white desk:

Don't be afraid of visiting the children's department, where there are some great and affordable storage solutions.

For those finishing touches and pops of color pick up some accessories to match your decor like these chairs and wastebaskets (only $1.99).

And finally, don't forget to visit the as-is department. It has great discounts on lightly used floor models, like these chairs I purchased for $15 each  at a 40% discount.  They will be a wonderful addition to my craft room.

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