Thursday, September 20, 2012

Filing cabinet makeover

I found this filing cabinet in a thrift store this week, for just 10 dollars. It was in pretty bad condition, but all it needed was a little TLC.

As you can see, the top layer was rusted pretty badly. 

After sanding it down until the top was smooth, this is what it became.

To get rid of the uneven discoloration, I used a coat of Rust-o-leum spray paint, in a glossy white. The Rust-o-leum also helps prevent further rusting. It definitely transformed the cabinet.

But then I decided that I hated the handles on the cabinet. So I drilled holes above the old handles, seen in the picture above. I got handles at Lowe's for $2, and spray painted them gold. Later I changed my mind and ended up choosing the white for a more uniform look. 

The cabinet still looked a little plain though. So I decoupaged fabric onto the front portion to make him more "fabulous". Just a third of a yard did the trick, and it cost only $2.

Here's the finished product, perfect for storing all your crafting supplies!

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