Saturday, August 10, 2013

Creating vintage thread spools

  Sewing is another one of my hobbies and I am always looking for idea, to store my supplies.
A couple months back in a trip to the Salvation Army, I found a thread organizer for an awesome price: $1.99. I love the way all my threads are displayed and easy accessible, but I was looking for some other way to decorate them.

This past weekend I saw this idea from a friend, Ms. Marilyn G on YouTube (link to her channel).She was so amazing and gave some to me as a RAK (Random act of kindness) and I wanted to share it with you guys.

Using wood circles that you can purchase at any craft store, a set of stamps (Prima spool stamp set) and glue you can create the illusion of vintage thread spools.

This is how the spools are at the beginning.

Use your stamps in any color and make a hole in the center.

Use regular glue to attach to your threads.

Love the difference it makes and best of all very cheap!

Thanks Ms. Marilyn G!

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