Thursday, May 23, 2013

New Washi Tape organization

One of my latest obsessions is Washi tape. The texture, the colors and design of each one speaks to my crafty heart. 

At the beginning I was storing my Washis (that's how I so lovely call them) into a small box, which of course I outgrew with some of my latest hauls.

Washis in hand, I visited The Container Store and I believe tried every container looking for a nice solution. Until I found these ones, called Box Box priced at $4.99. Little pricey but exactly what I was looking for.

I thought of storing my Washis flat, but when I got home found that the boxes stacked nicely one on top of the other. 

You can store about 3 or 4 Washi tapes, depending on their sizes in each of the compartments. These two boxes will easily store about 50 of your tapes. You can see here I still have plenty of room to grow.

You can store your tapes by collections (which usually come in three sets), color coordinate them or whatever method pleases you.

I was very pleased when I placed my container on top of my desk organizer. Now I can see all my Washis and feel inspired by them.

Thank you for reading and your comments.


  1. Hello, I have been trying to find these on line as I live in a very rural area and do have store like that around here. Do you know of any place on line that I can find them? I look on their web site and couldn't find them there either. If you could help I would appreciate so much. Thank you.
    Best regards.

    1. Hello..thank you for your can find the containers at the Container Store website and they ship them...
      I used the 8 piece compartment ...