Friday, August 31, 2012

How to transform a vintage desk into treasure

In a recent trip to one of my favorite places, Renninger's Antique and Flea Market in Mt. Dora, I discovered this treasure.... an old vintage desk. Right away I saw the potential for a new project. For months I have been looking for a place where to store all my makeup and beauty supplies, ahh! Another one of my guilty pleasures. After a little negotiation, we came to an absolute great price. I brought it home in a hurry to begin his transformation.

This was the original state when purchased. I used a clear coat of paint to refurbish his original color.

I unscrewed the handles and removed some of the rust. With a little gold Rustoleum spray paint, I spruced up the handles.

The next step involved one of my new obsessions... decoupage. The inside drawers were a bit worn, so I covered them with this pretty paper I found at Joann's fabric store.

Then I used clear containers from the 99 cent store to house all my goodies...everything just fell right into place.

Here are some pictures of the finished product.

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